WPLL+ digital platform brings distance training and education to the next generation of player. Sessions are built and instructed by the best players in the game, connecting young athletes with strong, female mentors. WPLL+ offers group training, 1on1 experiences, education and more.

Mollie Stevens

WPLL Pride, Midfield

Shooting, Dodging, Cutting & More
Youth and High School Sessions available

Sammy Jo Tracy

WPLL Pride, Attack

Draw Academy
Youth & HS Sessions available weekly on Tuesdays


WPLL Brave, Defender

Defensive Footwork

Caylee Waters

WPLL Fight, Goalie

Saving Crease Roll Shots, Read & React to Fakes and Clearing & Goalie Fitness

Amber McKenzie

WPLL Command, Defense

Master Your Defense

Molly Wolf

WPLL Pride, Goalie

Hand-Eye Coordination, Footwork and Muscle Memory & Goalie Wall Ball

Molly Hendrick

WPLL Brave, Attack


Dana Dobbie

WPLL Brave, Attack

Iron Wrists, Trick Shots, Crease Dodging & Shooting, Stick Tricks and Draws- Push or Pull?
Grades 8 and under & post collegiate players

Taylor VanThof


Stick Work & Stick Tricks

Grades 8 and under

Alice Mercer

WPLL Fight, Defender

Approach/Force, Fundamentals of Defense & Footwork

4Square Lax

Dobbie, Dowd, Tumolo & Nielsen

4 Trainings combined into 1!

Grades 8 and under & post collegiate players

Amanda Johansen

WPLL Brave, Midfield

Owning the Draw Circle
Grades 8 and under